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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Treasured Gifts - DIY Handmade from the Heart and a DIY coupon code

As a child, I needed to keep my hands busy. I remember, as early as the age of 7, that I NEEDED to make stuff. My very special Aunt Jean, who understood this about me, was always sending care packages of craft kits that nurtured my creative soul. I remember the 'yarn octopus' and 'pebble mosaic' kits, amoung others. I remember bits of cloth, buttons, etc. so that I had the materials needed to hand-sew doll clothes for my Barbies. When I fell in love with machine sewing in 8th grade, she gave me a sewing machine so that I could be creative and sew my own clothes.

When I was in 5th grade, my sister & I would spend many summer hours making beaded necklaces and potholders sitting on our stoop in our neighborhood in Bronx, NY.  We had a Kool-Aid & Crafts stand where we would sell our creations.  Our earnings enabled us to continue to purchase supplies for our creative energies. We often had extra money to make gifts for friends and family.

Recently, I have begun to realize that these activities were the beginning ideas for my creative journey. The 'mosaic pebble' kit was transformed into a mosaic glass table for my son's wedding gift.
The 'yarn octopus' kit led me to macrame - which in the 70's meant that all of my friends received a macrame' plant hanger. My love of sewing led me to sewing fleece scarves and hats - again gifts to keep those that I loved warm.

My current art forms are Glass Jewelry & Home Decor, and Clay Sculpture, in addition to sharing the love of creating to children & adults. My art has enabled me to supplement my income as an Art Teacher and still provides me with extra income buy supplies to make and give handmade gifts.

Since my childhood, I felt then, as I do now, that for me, a handmade gift is from the heart and I still love to make and give gifts that are creative with that special person in mind and that I am sharing a piece of myself.

My most treasured gifts are those that have been handmade 
by my many creative friends and relatives.

Are you creative?
Give a Gift to Treasure - Give Handmade from the Heart
Do it yourself.

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