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Friday, December 12, 2014

There's something about the Magic of a Rainbow

There's something about the Magic of a Rainbow
I remember learning about ROY G. BIV in Art class. The anticipation of what would happen if I mixed blue with green, and added a splash of purple, was so exciting! What if I added even more blue or even some white? Yes, I was the messy one with paint on my clothes and smears of wonderful color. Actually, I am still the messy one that is often caught at the grocery store with a smear of paint that I missed when washing up, usually on my face!

As a child, I remember noticing the NBC Peacock Logo spread its animated and regal Rainbow Tail on Sunday nights, as I watched the Wonderful World of Disney. The family TV was Black & white, but somehow I knew that his magical tail was a Rainbow. I grew up thinking of the Peacock as the Artist's bird, not aware yet of what I might become. I also remember the scene in Pollyanna when she discovered the Dancing Rainbows that resulted from the sunshine interacting with the crystals of a chandelier.  Simply Magic!

As an adult and now, an artist, and art teacher, I have experimented with and discovered many of the infinite possibilities of color combinations as I create and develop my own colors of self expression. My favorite 'color' is 'color of Peacock'. The combination of blues, greens, and teal accented with a little gold and purple - that is my favorite color. In the hustle of my busy life the magic of this color combination helps to provide me with a calm and soothing atmosphere to live and create in.
So, this week, I celebrate the Rainbow.

The Rainbow, to me, 
is a symbol of 
Thanks to Adrienne at Dancing Rainbows
 Lynn at the Amethyst Dragonfly
  for helping me to recall these happy childhood memories

See a few of the Possibilities of

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  1. I love mixing paint too. At the moment doing a wall painting, and you can catch me with paint in my hair, on my pants and socks. Yesterday I went to School to pick up my kiddo with a pants on that had a sorts of color splashes on it. And rainbows are always a miracle for me. Each angle gives away new colors. I love seeing them.