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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team Spirit on Zibbet featuring OnceUponARoll

I recently became involved in a 'Team' on Zibbet. This team includes a group of online shop owners of Handmade, Vintage, and Craft Supplies. 

The experience has been truly amazing!
 Instead of competing with each other, these shop owners have banded together to promote each other. While promoting we are also encouraging each and learning Social Networking and promotional techniques from each other. 
I am honored to be among such a great group of people.

~After pinning & tweeting for "OnceUponARoll" last week, here's a list of pinboards where you can find her work, along with many other Zibbet shops.

Super Cuteness
Cozy Hats & Scarves, Cuddly Blankets,
 Handmade Fashion & Stuff for Babies 
It's all at Once Upon A Roll!

Please visit these shops owned by fine, friendly, generous and fun Zibbeteers.
Feel free to tweet, repin, fav, and share on social networks.
Thanks for looking!

This weeks team promotion is for
Hoopties Vintage Clothing and Collectibles

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  1. Tell it, Cindi! It has been a great experience for me. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Cindi! This is the first time I've ever participated with a promotional team. I have really enjoyed it and learned so much. A huge thank you to a great group of people!