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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm thankful: I get to Play with Clay Today! (Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale continues)

(no coupon needed on Zibbet) coupon code for Etsy is "HANDMADESTARS20"
Sale expires Midnight, December 2, 2013

I have been enjoying my new position of teaching Lampworking (making glass beads with a torch) @ my local community college 2 nights a week, while teaching elementary school children ART during the day. The trade-off is that I've had less time working with clay which one of my passions. Well... so is making glass beads & jewelry and seeing the creativity blossom in children and adults. Prioritizing is REALLY hard when you love so many things!

I've also been busy trying to build my Zibbet Shop while still keeping my Etsy Shop open for the Holidays. I am happy to share that I had my 1st 4 sales this past weekend.
Thanks to KerriLou for being my very 1st Zibbet Customer!

So, tonight, I finally get to play with clay.  I'll be finishing up a few orders of Fairy Houses & Faerie Garden Accessories. I also have a batch of twisty-legged-log sponge/soap/business card holders that have been waiting for my attention. After that, probably some new leaf dishes, fairy house ornaments, and swirly leaf card holders. After a day of relaxing with my family for Thanksgiving, more playing with clay...YAY! 

Thankful for : My Wonderful family, Clay, Play, Creative thoughts and my terrific Creative Friends.

Star Ornaments
LOOKING for a DIFFERENT SIZE or color? I have STARS in a variety of colors: Red, Deep Aqua, Golden Yellow, Green, Purple and Iridescent Clear.  I can make them in 4 sizes and 2 styles of decorative wire with cost ranging from $13-$17 depending on size. Sets of 3 'Mini-Stars' is only $25. I can usually make them and ready 2 ship in 3 days, depending on your color choice.
Each of these Glass Stars is created with 6 individually hand cut glass triangles. They are glued together with a temporary glue and then fired to 1450 degrees in a small glass kiln. Each one is then cleaned and decorated with wire and beads, complete with a hook to hang in a window, dangle from a light fixture, or hung on a Christmas tree. They are wonderful for Hanukkah and Christmas decorating. I create many of these stars in various sizes and colors. Find them at and

Thank you all for being patient while I continue to move my shop to Zibbet. 
As of today, there are 60 items on Zibbet. I am posting a few each day.
I am using valuable time to make these changes - This has limited my time to create and blog. I 
have been  disappointed and saddened by the recent changes in ETSY guidelines. These changes have prompted me to move my shop to ZIBBET.  I love to keep my hands busy all the time and love to create handmade items! I am also a full-time art teacher, so my creative efforts are limited to evenings and weekends. Because of this, I want to use my time to design and make creations that are special.  I am committed to selling truly HANDmade items, that are created by me. Zibbet has made a commitment to offering true handmade in it's 'handmade' category.
Etsy has decided to include manufactured items to it's site (while still calling them handmade) which seriously affect search results for the shops that are truly handmade. 
There has been a mass exodus from ETSY because of dissatisfaction with these new guidelines.

*I am in the process of adding new items daily as I transition from Etsy to ZIBBET.
*I am joining ZIBBET because of it's commitment to offering truly 'HANDmade' items.

My new Zibbet shop -  - I have many items already listed here but I also still have many items listed on Etsy. Until, I have everything moved over, you can also visit my shop on Etsy -  
Soon to come ... activities in the studio, with photo's,
 including glazing, glass stars, and kiln cast beads