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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coupon Code for 50% off to First Customer in my new ZIBBET shop!

1/2 price for any 1 item to my very 1st ZIBBET customer
Will it be you?
Contact me at 
for this special code 
Include 'Zibbet Code' in the subject of your email

Look for a Zibbet
 Grand Opening Coupon Code, when I get 50 items posted in my Zibbet shop
As of today, I have 35 items posted.
New posts have been delayed because of recent changes in ETSY guidelines that have prompted me to move my shop to ZIBBET.  I am committed to selling truly HANDmade items, that are created by me. Etsy has decided to include manufactured items to it's site (while still calling them handmade) which seriously affect search results for the shops that are truly handmade. 
There has been a mass exodus from ETSY because of dissatisfaction with these new guidelines.
I, too am leaving Etsy.
*I am in the process of adding new items daily as I transition from Etsy to ZIBBET.
*I am joining ZIBBET because of it's commitment to offering truly 'HANDmade' items.

My new Zibbet shop -  - I have many items already listed here but I also still have many items listed on Etsy. Until, I have everything moved over, you can also visit my shop on Etsy -