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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friendship, Food & Fun at the family home of Dawning Pollen Shorty in Taos, New Mexico

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What's New In the Studio?
  I Venture Outside of the Studio for New Inspirations
  Continuing My Celebration of 
Pueblo Indian Art & Culture
with 3 Generations of Taos Potters

We went to the home of Dawning Pollen Shorty's parents, located close to the Taos Pueblo, to fire our micaceous clay creations. Her parents, Bernadette Track and Robert Shorty, along with her aunt Soge, grandmother Jeri, and some cousins were all there when we arrived. We were welcomed with hugs and the aromatic scent of pinto beans being cooked in a well-used micaceous bean pot made Pollen's mother, Bernadette. As our pots were firing, we feasted on pinto beans, homemade 'fry bread' & jam,  homemade herbal tea, watermelon,  freshly baked cinnamon buns and strawberry rhubarb pie. We sat in the yard surrounding the firing pit and on the porch, feasting and visiting with Pollen and her family.

 By the end of the day, I felt as though I had just spent the day with long lost family. 

A most beautifully spent day!

Pollen with her 97 year old grandmother, Jeri Track

Absolutely delicious beans, jam & frybread

We learned that Bernadette had also been a model for Navaho Artist, R.C. Gorman
       She entertained us by demonstrating a few of the poses that she had done as a  model for Gorman
Bernadette in one of Gorman's famed paintings

Cradleboard with beaded baby Moccasins
Sculptures by Robert Shorty (Pollen's Dad)

   Coming Soon - More adventures in Santa Fe, Taos Pueblo, & Santa Domingo Pueblo
I love to play with many different materials and experiment with new techniques.
                                  Currently, my favorite materials to work with are clay, glass, and metal.

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Have a Terrific Day!