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Friday, July 19, 2013

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The Colors & Culture of Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico 

A week of Educational and Artistic Fun with CRIZMAC

 Celebrating of Pueblo Indian Art and Culture

*Our first workshop day with Dawning Pollen Shorty

 Dawning Pollen Shorty shares her decorative techniques for creating her 'Maidens'.  Her micaceous clay creations are created in honor of  her Native American heritage. A native of Taos Pueblo, Dawning Pollen uses  traditional techniques to create contemporary sculptures. She collects her own raw material from the land at Taos Pueblo, to make the clay.  She uses natural pigments to paint her creations and uses cedar wood for traditional outdoor firing.  

A bone tool used by Pollen and many generations of her family of potters

Cooking pots made with 'micaceous clay' are known for their strength and durability. Many collectors do not put them to use...but they are made to use. Pollen's mother, Bernadette cooked traditional pinto beans for our group in one of her own handmade pots (new ones pictured above with Pollen's beautiful Maidens), complete with 'fire cloud' markings from the original firing and many years of cooking for her family. The pots can be used on the stove top and in a campfire. Pottery creations from this clay have a golden shimmer and was reportedly mistaken by the Spanish conquistadors as 'gold', which may have led to the stories of the 'cities of gold'.

Pollen demonstrates how
to wedge clay for a small object in the palm of your hand



Pollen shows how to create the basic shape needed to create a Bear 'fetish'

A few of my creations from my 'Clay Play Day' with Pollen. A few animal fetish's, a tiny fairy house, a bird effigy bowl and a few smaller 'leaf' creations created with impressions of leaves gathered at banks of the Santa Fe river (FYI - the 'river' was bone dry!) The 'butterflies' were made by impressing the leaves of a plant where I found only one leaf shaped like a butterfly.


The creations of 17 fun & talented ART teachers from all over the United States at the end of our  'Clay Play Day' with Pollen




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 Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico



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Our tour was lead by Stevie Mack & Nancy Walkup

I highly recommend!


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