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Monday, June 17, 2013

NEW Coupon Code - Summer Jewelry Clearance

  In the Studio...What's NEW? 

I've been in the glass studio...creating new beads for new Jewelry Creations

I just started my "Summer in the Southwest" series of beads for Jewelry 


  To make room for NEW Jewelry, I'm having a Summer Clearance Sale
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Glass Rods and freshly pulled stringers...ready to go
Warming the rod, to begin making a bead -
*No photos for the next step, as I need both hands.
Then I slowly wrap a steel mandrel with different 
rods of  molten colored glass, add detail colors with 
the stringers. To make to earring beads below, 
I form a round bead, then use a bead press
to get the interesting shape. Then, I apply transparent
dots to add a little accent to many of the beads.
A finished bead, ready to place in the annealing kiln
  After 12 hours of Annealling (Cooling down in a slow rate, regulated by the Kiln)
Yes....the red/orange bead above is now cool and is yellow (below)
                   Take them off the mandrels and they'll  ready to be made in to Jewelry!

I love to play with many different materials and experiment with new techniques.
Currently, my favorite materials to work with are clay, glass, and metal.
Many of my creations are available at 
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