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Monday, July 4, 2011

In the studio with Cindi

This is my first BLOG and my very first post - Please bear with me while I get my feet wet!

My art forms are varied. I love to play with so many different materials and experiment with new techniques. Currently, my favorite materials to work with are clay, glass, and metal. Some of my creations are available at

Some of my creations using clay:
I love creating whimsical instruments such as flutes, ocarinas, and turtle rattles with clay.  I  also enjoy using clay to create sculptural animals that also have a purpose - bowls, containers, dishes, and banks. So far, my creature creations include elephants, giraffes, chameleons, pigs, birds, fish, armadillos, tapirs, turtles, dragons, woodland imps, sea serpents, and lizards.

I'm very lucky to be surrounded by so many friends that are creative and encouraging. My studio is also surrounded by a wooded area and a beautiful garden that is a constant source of inspiration. I am also lucky to be an art teacher and marvel at all the creative solutions that my young artists come up with. They also inspire me throughout the school year and help to keep me on my toes, learning new things to teach them and helping to keep me growing as an artist.  I'm on summer 'vacation' now and can focus on my own creations.

Well, I'm just getting started - I'll add more about other materials and techniques later and hope to be posting some of my works in progress as they are being created weekly.  At least that's the goal for now.